A Lazy Time’s Nostalgia

Sun is shining out there. It is winter sun. I’m in a room at my grandpa’s home. This room is in first floor. At yard some children are playing; yelling out too- enjoying their present. I do nothing without remembering my past. More or less remembering our past is a great hobby for enjoyment.

Once I was like them like the children. This yard was my playground. Though that wasn’t like today, many constructions have changed. A big tin shed house was there, now some brick stuffs left. No idea how much time I spent in this yard to cry, how much for laughing or how much I tortured older kids then my age. I know I was very aggressive, horrible ever! Many relative can’t believe How I changed myself from a monster behavior boy to simply a quiet man. Interestingly some of my close friends won’t agree with them. They think I am still like those days. However the main thing is I am changed. When time passes, It doesn’t pass alone. No! I am wrong, time moves alone but it changes things; It changes the things of spaces. Me, My family, My friend, My relatives all are the different object. Everyone is time dependable. And that the yard is the space. That yard lost its past shape, It has changed like me, it lost me. Some breaks are left, those carrying evidence of past. And me? I have the memories. But this yard founds new children after me. Before me it had other children. There were my mom; uncles and aunts. Before that there was my grandpa. Next days new kids will come here, they will play like past, like present as well. Then me? What I have? What will come to me again and again? – Nothing. Really nothing? No I don’t know. My joys, my pleasures, sadness, emotions, imaginations- they are actually same thing. They are my children if I replace myself with this yard.


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