This guy, Ahmed Sanny is not so brave or courageous to announce himself as a Photographer. And he doesn’t really like to show off himself as a photographer by seeking off  others attention. He feels proud for this old cultured weird behavior. By the way, this self pride behavior  can be considered as different kind of showing off too. Though he doesn’t agree, and won’t agree with this. Such a heavy heady person !

Every time he plays a trick by saying some nerd words about photography,

I am not a photographer but I do like photography and always try to do if I get chance. I believe photographs are not just pictures. Each of the pieces of photography is something more, something more than just a picture. It’s about a photography person’s way to look the world, society, nature, and further more look at the whole universe, by making decision, how to look and where to look,  which he or she developed through his or her life time, the time he has already spent. 

Such a nerd !  Anyway, Click on pictures to see his showing off.

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