Welcome to this personal website of Ahmed Sanny.


This guy is well known as an activist for his science awareness and science popularization activities in Bangladesh. Together with, he thinks himself a humorist. To prove that, he added this hilarious photo of him in this website’s welcoming page.

Though, of course, he is an opportunist, more specifically a chance taker. Wherever he sees the chances, he takes the chances. Suppose, academically he is an electrical and electronic engineer, now trying to become a physics guy, with working experiences in completely different kind of fields as like being public speaker, being mentor, being editor, being writer, being researcher, being blogger, being photographer being, graphic designer, being’ etc. and not sure what will be next to be being. But for sure he can’t sing or drawing or not even dancing.

By the way better stop talking about him. It is enough.

After those enough talk some more talk,

Language: Bengali and English (Mixed, So if you lost yourself then it is your responsibility)

Topic or Subjects: No Idea. Well, better to say EVERYTHING.